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Started in 2009, Lone Lantern is a small production company located in Chicago, IL, devoted to making great, entertaining, and original independent movies on a budget of approximately Jack squat; we try to utilize all of our own talents and are fueled by a passion for story-telling. With a diversely talented group of individuals in the company, and only one trained in film production, our films wholeheartedly embrace the essence of guerrilla filmmaking, our audio productions endeavour to harken back to the golden age of radio, and our written works bring the reader deep into the realm of fantasy and adventure. As a company, we are always striving to produce the highest quality work. Whether that actually happens depends on a number of factors, but we are always evolving and adapting to better bring on the awesome.

Below are our Regulars. Click on any of their images for their personal pages.

Yota Valkanas

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Suspiciously Nonchalant "Artist"

Jennifer Kizer

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Costume Wizard
Undead Chipmunk

Nick Dolendi

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Consulting Producer
Really Loud Guy

Tranette Williams

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Production Assistant
Owner of Magic Fingers
Expert Corn Wrangler

John Valkanas

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Key Grip
The Man Nobody Can Forget

Wellington Da Silva

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Drama Queen
Secret Cartel Owner