National Novel Writing Month

Howdy, Internets!

So, we’ve been off for a while, doing things here and there. I, personally, suffered massive, horrific, earth-shattering, catastrophic hard drive failure… And on the computer which is used for pretty much everything we do over here at LL, so that ain’t good.

Moreover, when the hard drive crashed, I was 80% of the way into my 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. Thankfully, the resulting panic attack was mild as I had been obsessively backing up my file in three different places… Wait, what? You mean you don’t know what the heck NaNoWriMo is in the first place?! Why, it’s an annual challenge wherein you get all 30 days of November to write 50,000 words of an original story. It’s run by a not for profit which uses donations from members and writers and just generally awesome people to fund the write-off, sponsor write-ins, and also help to create classroom kits for budding novelists.

To donate, and prove your awesomeness, go
HERE. <<- We’ve donated. And not just because I actually completed by 50,000 words as of today!

That’s right:



(Cue fanfare).

Is it Shakespeare? No. Not even a little. It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s not even in iambic pentametre… But it’s a decent first draft. It needs another, oh, probably 30,000 words, and a massive re-write, but keep an eye out for a new page in the Publishing section in the coming months.

Either way, we’re back up and running and still writing. Plus, empowered as I am now, I’m planning to participate in
Script Frenzy as well. More on that in April.

Yota. Out.
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