Aug 2011

Moving Right Along...

This past weekend saw the Windie City Shootout Awards Show, whereing out latest short, “Flats: a Love Story” was re-screened as a Critics’ Choice entry! Plus, the IMDB Page is now live, and the Film Page has been updated a bit.

Now, the main event of the WCS is over, and now it’s time to prepare for our next project(s). Of course, you can still help us out by checking out our film on Vimeo; WCS is going to give $1,000 to the team with the most views at the end of a 30-day period, so watch the movie as many times as you can stand it, and spread the word!

Also, you may have noticed the addition to the homepage: Just under the Facebook and Twitter links in the sidebar is the link to our CafePress Store! If you like our logo, you’ll love our products. We’re currently trying to add a little diversity to the shop by making a few items specific to each of our films. And, yeah, some of the items may seem a bit pricey, but all profits (ie, anything over CP’s base prices) goes directly into making our next film, so please help out however you can!

Flats: a Love Story" Screening & WCS Awards Information

Well, if you’ve been following our Twitter feed or Facebook page, you know that we participated in the Windie City Shootout, a new 72-hour film race and competition here in Chicago. After losing half the crew, recasting half of our actors the day of the shoot, and losing our location and changing things up for a new place hours before shooting, we were able to pull it off and were the first team to hand in our finished product!

Now, the time is here, and everyone has the opportunity to attend the Windie City Shootout’s FREE outdoor screening of “Flats” and other competitors’ films. The event is going to take place at the parking lot at
18th and Halsted in the Pilsen neighbourhood, starting at 8pm. Our short is slated to run third, and totals about 5 minutes in length, so don’t be late! Yota will be chilling with a few cast members, friends, and family members, and giving out free candy, so watch out for mini Snickers bars, Blow Pops, and the subsequent and delightful rise in bloodsugar!

Also this week, Saturday at 8pm marks the beginning of the Windie City Shootout Awards Show, where the critics’ top 15 films will be re-screened, the winner will be announced, and viewers can vote for their favourites to win the Peoples’ Choice Award! The films will be screened at the historic/kinda rundown Thalia Theatre (you can entre through
Ristorante al Teatro), and tickets cost $10; this price gives you the right to watch the films, vote for your favourite, eat as much popcorn as you want, drink free beer from 7:30pm - 8:00pm, and stay for the after party!

If you can’t make the Awards Show, you can still support us by purchasing an online ticket and submitting your vote via the Interwebs at The $10 ticket cost still applies, but we’ll take as many votes as we can get, plus the proceeds from the event go to charity!

So, come on out to either event if you can make it, or spend a few minutes (and a few dollars) online to help us get that much closer to winning this competition! Winners get $10K to make a feature film, and that would be a whole lot of awesome.

Thanks and we’re looking forward to see you all there!


For more information on “Flats: a Love Story,”
For more information on the Windie City Shootout,
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