Jul 2012

Funny Little Story

So, the world is conspiring against me... But I’m determined to start anew! A few of us are trying to get back into the swing of things, having replaced our stolen goods, and reworking the website a little bit...

But enough about us. Or at least enough about us
for now...

The real issue here is that summer seems to bring in a lot of those fun little 48- or 72- hour film races. They’re super stressful and super challenging, but they are also tons of fun and sure make you feel like you’ve accomplished something great. You all might remember last year, when Lone Lantern entered the 48-Hour Guerilla Film Festival, where “Windy City Blues” was screened. You may also remember that we entered into the Windie City Shootout as well, where “Flats: a Love Story” was screened and was chosen as an Official Selection and Finalist.

Now, about that Windie City Shootout... Well, it’s a funny little story...

Lone Lantern, in total, was thrilled that we were in the final fifteen. It was a real accomplishment, especially since, the first night of shooting, we lost half of our actors, our location, and got roughly, oh, negative seven hours of sleep. We didn’t end up winning any of the cash prizes, but we were proud, nonetheless. The following Spring, though, we found out an interesting little detail about the organizer of the Windie City Shootout, whose name we will not mention in this blog post. We will, however, point out that the winners of the cash awards
never received them. It looks like the lot of us were scammed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re super pissed about the shady nature of the so-called “Festival” and its organizers. However, we are definitely still proud of our films, and we stand by the award given to us as an Official Selection by its judges, whether they were in on the shadiness or not.

We’re just gonna have to chalk it up to experience, and move on the bigger and better things. And we hope that you all can be along for the ride.

For more information on the WCS and its (“alleged,” I guess) scam
click here.

To watch “Flats: a Love Story,”
click here. You know you want to.

Peace out.
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