One Week Wonder

Last week, Saturday, we filmed another short. All of the footage was gathered in a day, and it was our first foray into green screen usage and special effects, so we’re a little nervous.

Today, however, the short has been completed. It doesn’t look half bad, and it is soon to be on its way to the Illinois Film Office for entry into their “Shortcuts” Short Film Contest. It’s run by the State of Illinois, so we’re pretty sure that this one won’t be a scam. (No jokes about corruption in Illinois, please; we’re doing our best not to mock them, too.)

But, seriously, now, it was a bit of an adventure shooting the whole thing, in 3 locations, in one day, and then spending the week editing, sound mixing, playing with special effects, and making little tweaks after the first five drafts proved to have the tiniest little issues that got on specifically my nerves.

Since we’ve gotten to play with these new (to us) ideas and learn from our mistakes (of which there were a few), the possibilities of stories to be turned into films has opened up to include genres and ideas which we probably would’ve never tried before giving it a go with this latest short, “Stake Out.”

“Stake Out” is the story of a newly-turned vampire who needs his human friend’s help in removing a misplaced stake from his chest. Shot on location in Chicago, IL and featuring Steven Smilowski and Marilyn Reles as the leads, this short comedy pokes fun at the traditional vampire genre. Since we’re submitting it to a contest and, potentially, a festival, we can’t put it up for online viewing without feeling extremely paranoid and uncomfortable about it but, for now, you can
go to the “Stake Out” page for a complete cast list, blooper reel, and other bonus materials!


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