Back to the Beginning

Okay, everyone out there in the Interwebs!

After a several-month-long crap-fest, we are getting ready to start the new year off right! Some of you may be aware that a considerable chunk of our equipment was jacked a few months back, sending our tentative filming schedule hurtling off into oblivion. Well, that should be remedied soon enough!

Meanwhile, Lone Lantern has been mostly stuck in a lot of pre-production lately due to both a lack of equipment and Yota’s being involved in a couple of projects with other Indy film companies, including Structure Productions and 1PerCient% Films; look for updates on those as the projects are pretty freakin’ awesome.

Anywho, as we’re getting back on track, be on the lookout for updates to individual pages, new layouts, and new cast and crew calls.

Peace out.

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